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Please feel free to download these free resources to help you get your finances on track! Click the button to download the tool that you desire.
Use the Roadmap of Wisdom, adapted from Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps, as a roadmap to begin getting control of your finances.
Use the Monthly Budget to create a monthly plan of income and expenses. It may take 3 months get the hang of budgeting... stick with it!
The Recommended Percentages form gives a general guideline for how much you should budget within each category.
The Debt Snowball is the best way to become debt-free! Start with your smallest debt, and see the snowball grow!
When you simply can't pay the minimums on all of your debt, use the Pro Rata Debt form to spread what you can pay to each of your debts.
The Prepaid Fund is your best friend when it comes to preparing for non-recurring expenses, like insurance, car maintenance, and your next car!
Don't buy your next home without completing the Real Estate Prepaid Fund. This allows you to prepare for all of the costs of home ownership.
When your income varies each month, the Irregular Income form will allow you to create a plan for how you use your income each month.
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