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Do you enjoy making payments on debt each month? Do you like working to make money to pay interest? I didn't think so. Debt is like dead weight. You are paying today for things you got yesterday. Except for one thing: you're paying a whole lot more than the original price!

Dave Ramsey likes to say that you can wander into debt, but you can't wander out. And he's right! You have to have a plan in order to live debt-free.

As your financial coach, I can help you develop a plan, tailored to your financial situation, that allows you to pay off your debt in months or years, not decades.


It's simple. When you're so tired of having debt and living the vicious cycle of paying the minimums and not moving the needle, schedule a financial coaching session. I will have you fill out a Financial Snapshot, which is an online form that gives me the 30,000 foot view of your situation. We will schedule a one-hour session where we will talk about your finances, dreams, goals, and challenges. By the end of the session, I will give you a clear, doable plan with specific action steps for you and your family. If you choose multiple sessions or want to return for a follow-up session, we can review your situation and help you with new or challenging obstacles.

I recommend new clients to meet every 3-6 months for a year or two, then once a year as a financial checkup.


There are no​ get-rich-quick schemes that actually work. This method is a proven, time-tested way to get out of debt and build wealth through hard work and dedication. But I give you the tools that you need to organize your finances, and a roadmap that provides the direction to achieve a debt-free, asset-full financial future.


Don't delay preparing for your financial future! When you're ready to take the next step, follow these instructions to schedule your first financial coaching session:

  • Choose which coaching plan is right for you. A single Financial Coaching Session costs $150, but if you sign up for three sessions today, it will cost only $300, which represents a $150 savings

  • Pay the fees to schedule your Financial Coaching Session

  • Fill out the Financial Snapshot at least 24 hours before the Financial Coaching Session

  • Prepare yourselves to live in financial freedom!​

Thank you!

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