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House on the Rock Academy is a biblical finance course developed to help you live in freedom today in Christ no matter what your financial situation may be.

Why should you consider taking House on the Rock Academy?

  • You feel anxious about money sometimes

  • Your finances are in order but you want to know what God has to say about money

  • You want to improve your overall stewardship of God's resources

  • You are struggling financially and need to get things back on track


House on the Rock Academy includes a variety of setups, but the flagship program consists of six two-hour sessions. For each session, you'll meet at your church with your church members. I will come each week to teach the class, and will be available before and after each session for questions about the class. Each class will consist of some biblical and some practical teaching, along with a group activity.  There will be homework for you to complete before the next class.

Each household financial unit will receive a binder with the House on the Rock Academy textbook and a wealth of supplementary materials.  A household financial unit consists of either a single person or married couple.  I consider adult children who live at home to be a household financial unit of their own.

If you have some special or specific needs, you can also sign up for an individual coaching session.  For urgent financial matters, email or call right away so I can help you make the best possible decision.


Although House on the Rock Academy represents a $150 value per household financial unit, I offer open pricing for the program.  So you get to choose the price you pay!

Your contribution helps to both offset the costs of the materials and investment, and also helps me to provide for my family. God has called me to international church planting, so this class will help me financially prepare for a future in church planting, while helping you prepare financially for whatever God has planned for you.


So please do not delay! 

  • Pray that God will prepare your heart for improving your financial stewardship and that He will take away all of your fears

  • Begin gathering your own financial information for your personal use during the class. You'll want to know the following, but if there's something you don't know or can't find, don't worry!

    • After-tax monthly income​

    • Records of savings (bank accounts, retirement accounts, cash you've stashed under the mattress, etc.)

    • Records of all debts (credit cards, student loans, cars, personal loans, any any other outstanding debt)

  • Make a financial contribution to the class

    • Online by clicking the Donate button​ on this page

    • Mobile via Venmo (@Brad-Finance)

    • In-person via Check (payable to Brad Eaton) or credit card

  • Come ready to see the Lord transform your financial life!


Thank you!

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