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House on the Rock Academy - Leader
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Passionate about Biblical

As Christians, Jesus has called us to build our house on the rock, not on the sand. Although Jesus meant for us to allow His Word to be the foundation of our lives, this principle applies to our financial lives as well.


Believers know that financial freedom doesn't come through having a nest egg; it comes from trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ. With HOUSE ON THE ROCK ACADEMY, you can offer the members of your church the opportunity to learn solid biblical foundations in how to manage their finances.

What sets HOUSE ON THE ROCK ACADEMY apart from other programs is that I start by teaching about heart issues. Using a tool called the Predominant Heart Attitudes Workflow, I will give your members a practical way to analyze what's going on in their heart. As they work through this process through prayer and God's Word, the Lord will begin to reveal the truth about their hearts, and will lovingly forgive them, helping them to experience freedom from their sin.


THE Flagship Program

The flagship program in HOUSE ON THE ROCK ACADEMY consists of six two-hour sessions where I come directly to your church to teach your church members about biblical finance. Each session includes a mix of biblical and practical teaching, along with a group activity to practice the lessons learned.


Your members will receive a book with all of the materials, including homework to do after each session. By the end of the course, they will be equipped with a solid foundation in biblical finance, including in the area of giving, along with having learned practical financial techniques. For any church that is within 1-2 hours of Lancaster, PA, I offer this class in-person.

For churches that are beyond this area, I offer this class either totally online with live teaching, or if the church has the means, I can come for the first session and teach the rest online.


I can also come to your church to offer a single-session seminar. Here, I can offer a variety of biblical teachings on various topics related to finance, such as:


Giving with Joy

Overcoming Sinful Heart Attitudes

Living with Purpose: Giving, Earning, Saving, and Spending to the Glory of God

Or I can jump right into specific practical financial topics, such as:


The Roadmap of Wisdom

Budgeting with a Biblical Mindset

Saving Just Enough


Because I also offer individual financial coaching, I can be there to serve your members who have individual financial challenges. Since they will have completed HOTRA, they will have a head start as we meet to discuss their specific needs.

  • I come directly to your church to teach biblical finance.

  • I teach about the importance of faithful giving to the local church.

  • Although this class represents a $150 value per household unit, I offer open pricing, so your members can choose what they can pay.  This way, nobody feels like they can't afford to come.  In fact, they can't afford to miss it!

  • Earned my M.Div. from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Have spent over 20 years as a business and finance professional at companies including DuPontHID Global, and Linden Grove Industries

  • Graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Finance

  • Completed Dave Ramsey's Financial Coach Master Training

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